13 Reasons to Visit Key West

13 Reasons to Visit Key West

Thinking of planning a trip to Key West? Need a little nudge (i.e. a wee bit more information) on why this is one of Florida’s—and the entire United States—hottest destinations? Here are 13 reasons, according to the experts at Kickass Living, to visit this sunny locale!
And, oh, the 14th, and maybe the best reason? It’s just one of the wonderful destinations of Salt Island Seaplanes!

13 Fun Facts About Key West

1 – The sunset is celebrated every night in a ceremony at Mallory Square. Tons of people go to Mallory Square to witness the glowing pink and red sunset into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. The nightly party starts 2 hours before sunset and includes a variety of performers, vendors, and artists.

2 – Key West is a very small island. It is 4 miles long and 2 miles wide (at its widest).

3 – While Key West is famous for Key Lime pies, key limes are no longer harvested in Key West. They are imported from Mexico and other areas.

4 – Key West is home to the 3rd largest barrier coral reef in the world and the only living coral reef barrier in the continental USA.

5 – There are 42 bridges connecting Key West to the mainland of Florida.

6 – Key West is closer to Cuba (90 miles) then it is to Miami (160 miles).

7 – The term “conch” refers to people who were born in Key West. Saltwater conch is the term for people who were born there. Freshwater conch is the term for people who have lived there for more than 7 years.

8 – More than 60 cats live at Hemingway Home. Many of the cats are descendants of Hemmingway’s cat Snowball, a 6-toed cat.

9 – A large number of chickens roam loose around Key West. They are free to walk around the island and you never know when you will come across one.

10 – The buoy at Southernmost Point was erected in 1983 and is a major tourist spot. The buoy represents the most southernmost point of the contiguous United States.

11 – Key West was originally called Cayo Hueso which means Island of Bones.

12 – Key West is one of the few places in the USA to never get frost. The lowest temperature ever recorded was 41F (5C) in 1981. Key West has a tropical climate which means a dry season and a wet season. The dry season is from November to April and the wet season is from May to October.

13 – The island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The two bodies of water meet between Cuba and Key West. This area is called the Florida Straits.

14. And best of all, arrive in style, with an on water landing no less! Travel by seaplane to Key West when you book your flight with Salt Island Seaplanes from either Naples or Fort Myers Airport. To reserve a flight to Key West or call 239-263-7258(SALT).

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