3 Reasons Private Air Travel Is Better Than Commercial

3 Reasons Private Air Travel Is Better Than Commercial

Security lines a mile long, crowded waiting areas devoid of personal space and power outlets, cramped seating with hundreds of strangers. If any of these sound uncomfortably familiar, you’ve been flying on a commercial airline. When you fly commercial airlines, your eager anticipation may deflate before you even leave your home.

But, there’s a better way to get to your destination: private air travel. Here are the top three reasons to choose a private airline for your next vacation.

Traffic & Parking Are Less Of A Hassle

Even if you book a commercial flight for a great price, you must factor in heavy airport traffic and parking costs. Most major airports offer long-term parking, and off-site parking lots managed by outside vendors unaffiliated with the airport surround larger airports. Occasionally, nearby hotels build long-term parking into the cost of the room rental. However, in all cases, parking is going to cost you – up to $30 a day in some cases.

Because private airlines often fly out of small county or municipal airports, there’s a lot less traffic to contend with, and parking is generally more affordable than at a major airport – sometimes parking is even free. Imagine saving all that money for the tastes, sights, and sounds of your destination!

No More Security Lines

Commercial airline security lines can add 30 minutes or more onto your trip; due to recent changes to pre-check in rules, you can expect even longer waits in the months to come. Most airports require passengers to get to the airport more than 2 hours before their flight to complete security procedures, bag checks, and to account for any delays with the airlines.

In most cases, private air travel gives you hassle-free pre-travel. Private air travelers are typically asked to arrive less than an hour before the flight takes off, and they await departure in a comfortable, private setting.

Personalized Service

On a commercial airline, your flight attendant will help you – after she’s finished helping the dozens of other passengers who also need assistance. With each commercial flight, you’ll meet a new crew, from the pilot to the flight attendants to the mechanics servicing the jumbo jets. You’ll get from point A to point B, but you are just a seat number during your journey.

With private air travel, passengers likely have a more personalized experience. The flight staff, mechanics, and pilot are a smaller crew, so passengers will see familiar faces on the ground and in the air. Seating on private aircrafts typically accommodates two to six passengers, allowing travelers to plan excursions privately instead of surrounded by strangers. When travelers arrive, their luggage will be with them instead of among hundreds of other bags, eliminating the risk of lost luggage or tampering.

Experience The Private Air Travel Difference For Yourself

Spend more time exploring your destination and less time paying to stand in lines and be treated like a seat number! Season is officially here – let Salt Island Seaplanes be your private air travel provider. Contact us at (239) 263-SALT (7258) to learn more or schedule your private Naples to Key West flight today!

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