5 Packing Tips for Private Air Travel

5 Packing Tips for Private Air Travel

Whether you’re traveling for the weekend or for weeks, packing is often the most difficult part of planning a vacation. Travelers must discover the delicate balance between packing everything you’ll need for the entirety of your trip and packing light enough to keep your luggage from becoming an overwhelming (and expensive) burden. There are a variety of factors that go into packing: destination, time away from home, occasion, and transportation you’re taking to arrive at your vacation spot.

For a no-hassle packing experience follow these five private air travel packing tips.

#1 – Know The Luggage Guidelines Of Your Private Air Provider

If you’re traveling to your destination by private air, at least one of your packing concerns will be gone: many private air travel companies have fewer luggage restrictions.

One guideline you will consistently see is that no individual bag can weigh more than a certain amount. This is important for balancing the load on the plane. The tradeoff is that you can often bring more than one bag, so long as you meet the weight requirement.

While you will generally not be restricted by the size and amount of liquids you carry on, gas and flammable liquids are not allowed. You might have to plan to purchase items such as hairspray, aerosol room disinfectants and nail polish remover at your destination.

#2 – Plan Your Wardrobe

At home, you might be the type of person who likes several options each day, but when you’re traveling it’s best to keep your choices to a minimum. Plan your ensemble for each day, and if possible, include versatile pants, shoes, or tops that could fit with other clothes. Not only will you be able to pack lighter, but you’ll be able to pack your clothing together according to types of clothes or outfits. When you arrive at your destination, unpacking and organizing your clothing will be a breeze.

#3 – Wear Your Bulkiest Clothes

One of the easiest ways to save space in your luggage is to wear your heaviest clothes or bulkiest shoes and save light or thin clothes for your luggage. For instance, if you’ll need a jacket or sweater at your destination, wear it on the plane. You’ll be able to remove it or place it with your bag or purse if you don’t need it during your flight.

#4 – Use Plastic Bags

Zip top bags can be a dual-purpose lifesaver for private air travelers. Packing clothing in zip top plastic bags helps organize and keep outfits and accessories together, and if you’re tight on space, can act as a “vacuum seal” by squeezing excess air from the bag to tighten the bundle, allowing extra space in carry-on luggage. Plastic bags also protect your clothing from liquids that may spill inside your bag.

#5 – Consolidate Gadgets

It may be tempting to bring a laptop, phone, tablet, and variety of other gadgets on your trip, but they take up extra room and open the door for theft or loss at your destination. Instead of packing the laptop, invest in extra drives or memory cards so you can avoid carrying a hefty laptop. Use your smartphone for video and camera combined, and a tablet to watch movies digitally while you’re flying. Invest in a device to charge multiple gadgets at once to cut down on charging cords.

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