Getting Around in Key West

Getting Around in Key West

After touching down on the water via seaplane and taking a boat into historic Conch Harbor Marina in Key West, the next thing you’ll be thinking about is transportation–which can possibly wait until after you pop into nearby Turtle Kraals for the first margarita of your trip! When you’re ready to figure out how to get around in Key West, there are a surprising number of options considering it’s such a small island.

By Foot

Walking is by far one of the most popular modes of transportation. Many visitors choose to stay on Duval Street or a bed & breakfast on a nearby street, and simply walk everywhere they go. From end-to-end, Duval Street is only about a mile, so you could realistically get from the bustle of Mallory Square to the Southernmost Point situated on the “quiet end of Duval” in less than 30 minutes–or 3 hours, depending on how distracted you get!

By Scooter

Scooter and moped rentals are wildly popular on the island. The compactness makes parking and navigating tight streets a breeze, while giving you access to all the sights, sounds and smells of the island.

By Bike

The more active version of the scooter, there are a number of bicycle rental shops on the island that will find the perfect fit for you during your trip.

By Electric Car

AKA a fancy, family-friendly golf cart! Choose from four or six person electric cars that allow your whole family to enjoy an open air experience cruising around Key West.

By Limo

If you’re on the island celebrating, sometimes you just want to “go big or go home,” and there are limo rentals available that can make it happen.

By Taxi

Or its new counterpart, Uber! An on-demand car service is ideal for larger parties and especially helpful for getting back to your accommodations after a long day of fun.

By Bus

If you’re on island time and not in a rush, the Key West Transit, the city’s bus system, is by far the most affordable way to get around aside from walking. Pick up a route map at the visitors’ center, or visit their mobile site at kwtransit.com for real time stop information.

By Pedi-cab

Pedi-cabs are rickshaws powered by bicycles, which are powered by people. While a fun and novel way to go short distances, most pedi-cabs charge by the minute, which can quickly add up in heavy traffic.

By Trolley

You can pay a daily rate for a trolley tour and “hop on, hop off” as often as you’d like. This gives you the freedom to stop and explore the places that interest you, but you’ll have to wait for the next trolley to come by before resuming your tour.

By Car

By far the least popular mode of transportation is automobiles. Traffic can be bad in Old Town given the number of pedestrians and bikers, making navigating cars far more cumbersome than in a typical city. Parking is also in short supply on the island, so if you do rent a car, be prepared to pay steep hourly or daily parking rates.

Getting To The Island Is Easy When You Fly With Salt Island Seaplanes

While you might feel overwhelmed at all the exciting options for getting around the island, there are far fewer ways to actually get there, and none are as exhilarating as by seaplane! In about an hour, you can get from Southwest Florida to Key West while enjoying a stunning bird’s eye view as you soar over the southern Gulf and approach the crystalline waters of the Florida Keys.

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