Key West: A Fisherman’s Dream

To the dedicated fisherman, the Florida Keys is paradise. Surrounded by beautiful blue waters teeming with bonefish, permit, marlin, swordfish, and many others, it would be pretty difficult not to land an impressive catch here in Key West. Whether you prefer casual sport fishing or you’re as dedicated as Hemingway’s fabled Old Man, Key West is an amazing destination for a fishing holiday.

Key West Fishing Offers Endless Variety

You can spend every day of your vacation out fishing and never have the same experience twice. When the environment is this varied, each day on the water is a new adventure. There are many techniques to use and locations to check out depending on what type of fish you want to catch. Some types of fishing in Key West to consider are…

  • Bridge fishing: The Overseas Highway’s many bridges offer a great and easily accessible option for deep water fishing with no boat required. Many of them are open to fishing but some are not, so check this list to make sure the bridge you have your eye on allows fishing before you head out.
  • Flats fishing: The Key West shallows offer an experience that is closer to hunting than fishing. Skill and stealth are more valuable than strength in this unique environment that is home to the permit, bonefish, sea trout, and barracuda. Pack up your best lures and test your skill!
  • Wreck & reef fishing: The coral reefs and shipwrecks surrounding Key West are home to scores of deep-water fish, including mackerel, grouper, and snapper. They’re also a unique and fascinating place for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Deep sea fishing: You don’t have to go far to hit deep waters off the Florida Keys. Only 5 miles out, the water reaches a depth of 600 feet – and if you venture out about 20 miles, you can find depths of nearly 2,000 feet! This is the place to go to find marlin, sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi, and even sharks.

Preparing For Your Fishing Holiday

Before you load up your gear and head out, make sure you’re fully prepared. You don’t want to spoil your trip by discovering that you’ve forgotten something!

  • Planning: If you’ve never been fishing in the Keys before, consider getting the most out of your trip by hiring a fishing charter. There are several available in the area.  Experienced captains will be sure to get you to out to your prime location quickly. Alternately, you can rent a boat and head out on your own, wherever the current takes you.
  • Packing: You can rent fishing gear on the island, but if you’re planning to bring your own, make sure you can pack it easily. On small charter flights like ours, you’ll need to be able to fold down and pack all of your gear to fit within our luggage guidelines.
  • Licensing: If you’re planning to do your fishing in a group on a guided expedition, you’ll be covered by the captain’s license. But if you’re going out on your own, even just for bridge fishing, you’ll need to purchase your own saltwater fishing license.

Start Your Adventure With Salt Island Seaplanes

There is no better place for a fishing trip than Key West. Whether you’d prefer a relaxing day on a bridge with light tackle or a legendary battle on the sea with a giant blue marlin, you’ll find it here in the Keys. Just pack up your gear and hop onto our Cessna 206 to start your journey to a fisherman’s paradise. All you have to do is book your flight online or call us at (239) 263-SALT (7258).

Fly To Paradise With Salt Island Seaplanes 

Your adventure starts before you even land in Key West when you board a Salt Island Seaplane. Relax and enjoy the fabulous ocean view as your experienced pilots take you straight into paradise. It only takes about an hour from Naples or Fort Myers, so you’ll be touching down in the beautiful blue waters of Key West before you know it. To get started, you can either book your flight online or call us at (239) 263- SALT (7258).

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