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Private and a premier destination made for anyone that is seeking solitude in exclusive luxury.

Travel by seaplane to an island full of treasures and new experiences when you book your flight with Salt Island Seaplanes from Naples or Fort Myers to Useppa Island. Below are just a few ways to make the most of your Useppa Island adventure. Be sure to click on the photos to learn more about all you can experience!

Experience this adventure with family or friends today and divide the cost!


Unique single-family homes, are an elegant style suited for island lodging. An atmosphere created by Old Florida luxury, Collier Inn suites is a fantastic experience for visitors.


Made to feel special in comfortable setting. The Collier Inn Restaurant offers fresh seafood, game and other greens. Four-star service, great atmosphere, and relaxed conversation.


Great destination for premier private home port. Yachtsman cruising on the west coast of Florida will enjoy all features of Useppa’s marina.

Useppa has a history that dates back 10,000 years.  The first inhabitants of this beautiful island were said to be the Calusa Indians.  A paradise where one of the most advanced tribes to call North America home.

History indicates that Pirates also frequented Useppa and it’s neighboring islands.  One pirate, Jose Gaspar, is said to have taken the Spanish Princess Joseffa de Mayorga hostage after failing to win her heart.  He imprisoned Joseffa on Useppa Island and the island became known as Joseffa’s Island.
In the late 1800s the island was aquired by John M. Roach, of Chicago.  His friends quickly became enthralled by the location and begged John to build a hotel so they too could enjoy all that the island had to offer.  Roach built the hotel.  One of Roach’s guests was Barron Collier, the developer of Southwest Florida.  Rumor has it that Collier fell in love with the island on his first visit.  He then purchased the property and developed it into a playground for the New York elite.
The island sat abandoned for many years following the Collier era. Most recently, the island was purchased by Gar Beckstead and renovated back to its formal glory.  Today, Useppa is the home of the Useppa Island Club.

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