Spectacular Day To Key West

What a spectacular day Salt Island Seaplanes made possible!  Arriving at the Naples Airport was so simple.  Sarah and I didn’t have to go through security or deal with crowds or any lines.  We were VIP’s, and it felt amazing.  Our Pilot, Tomas, lead us to the seaplane and explained that we could communicate easily by wearing a headset with a built-in microphone to block out any background noise.  The views were exquisite. We even saw dolphins along the way and Tomas explained what we were passing as we flew over different areas of interest and important landmarks.  In hardly no time at all, an hour had passed, and it was time to get off the seaplane in Key West.  Immediately hopped in our ride to go pick up our golf cart to get around the island.

We laughed and screamed as we drove through the streets of Key West on our golf cart.  What a fun mode of transportation that proved to be!  Certainly wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun Ubering around or in a rental car.  We grabbed a delicious lunch of Spanish Tapas at Santiagos.  Tapas are one of my favorite cuisines and I haven’t come across any Spanish Tapas restaurants in the Naples area, so it was a huge treat!  We devoured a delicious variety of unique flavors and some scrumptious caramel coated bread pudding before making our way back to the port.

The boat excursion was such a thrill.  We got to parasail, jet ski, and go on a banana boat all from the comfort of a pontoon.  It was my first time ever riding on a banana boat, let alone seeing one.  This particular activity isn’t one to partake in if you don’t want to get wet and simply can’t end up in the water as it was nearly impossible to stay on! The tour had a slide and trampoline as well, but with all of the snacks and beverages provided, I didn’t personally make time to swim over to them.

After the boat tour we docked and golf carted back to the Key West Airport, and were fortunate enough to be able to just leave the golf cart there.  Super easy!   We grabbed some free hot chocolate and popcorn, boarded  our seaplane and moments later we were floating through the pearly pink and purple sky, once again enjoying truly breathtaking views and warm hospitality from Tomas.

Riding in a private seaplane proved to be my preferred method of travel since it was so quick and easy, and the personal attention we received was incredible.   Key West is an amazing destination, and being able to travel round trip all in the same day was an experience of a lifetime, and one I’d like to repeat over and over.

Is there still time to decide? Yes. But not much. (Salt Island Seaplanes season end the last week of April) Reserve a flight today!

Written by Trisha Murphy

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