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Key West (and Stock Island) Await You Via Salt Island Seaplanes.

Key West (and Stock Island) Await You Via Salt Island Seaplanes.

Key West (and Stock Island) Await You Via Salt Island Seaplanes. Heading to Key West via Salt Island Seaplanes? Make sure to save enough room on your trip to check out its even more laid-back (if that’s even possible!) neighbor: Stock Island. Supposedly named for the herds of livestock formerly kept there, the community of Stock Island tends to be residential in character, rather than the more tourist-oriented Key West, with a year-round population who are as chill as the days are long. Alt...

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Fly to Key West with Salt Island Seaplanes for St. Paddy’s Day!

Fly to Key West with Salt Island Seaplanes for St. Paddy’s Day!

Take a quick trip south to Key West with Salt Island Seaplanes.

The sky might be blue and white but the land is definitely green this weekend for the wearing of the green during St. Paddy’s Day in Key West, Florida. A must-do during the weekend is the annual bar crawl known as the St. Paddy’s Day Bar Stroll. Created in 1979, by Key West drink expert Rick Dostal, it was originally called the “St. Patrick’s Day Bar None Suds Run.” According to local lore, back then everyone who ran in it blasted into a bar, chugged a beer, and then “purged” on the fly to the next joint. Eventually all that “fun” was replaced with the more leisurely stroll of today.

According to Florida Weekly, “if it’s true that Ireland’s patron saint is St. Patrick, then Key West’s is the modern version of St. Patrick’s Day. “Key West” is an island that proudly celebrates each day as though it were March 17, to the delight of hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Key West is home to a few Irish bars determined to celebrate St. Patrick for his more modern qualities: drinking, dining, dancing, and roaming the streets in search of snakes to drive out. It’s basically an all-day party, and everyone’s invited. Expect drink specials, green twinkle lights, fiddle music blaring out from every storefront, and a crowd of tipsy tourists singing “Danny Boy.” You can make your way from one end of Duval to the other, enjoying the revelry, but a few watering holes have gone the extra mile to make sure there’s at least a semblance of authentic Irishness in your holiday. Make sure to check out Shanna Key, on Flagler Avenue, or on the other side of town the local sailors’ waterfront hangout Schooner Warf Bar. And The Waterfront Brewery, on William St., will be hosting its St. Patrick’s Day party on the roof.

Let Salt Island Seaplanes create a magical memory that remain in your heart for a lifetime!

To reserve a flight to Key West (based on availability) please call 239-263-7258 (SALT).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The History Of Key West

The History Of Key West

When visiting Key West, travelers often say it feels like they are “stepping back in time.” Not to be confused with “island time,” the term for the laid-back, slower pace of life that happens on the island. the former represents the rich history of Key West and the fact that it was all but isolated until the early 1900s. While the island has since been developed and is primarily a tourist town today, many of the local attractions are sites of historical significance. A Brief Overview Of...

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