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Samana’s Story: First Time Flyer

This was Samana’s first time on a seaplane. And she loved it!

Brand new to the experience of flying on a seaplane, Samana found it all to be very relaxing from the moment she got to the airport to the moment she landed.

Here’s what Samana had to say about flying on Salt Island Seaplanes to Boca Grande:

“After we arrived to the airport there were no crowds to deal with and the boarding process was quick and easy. And flying on the plane was amazing! My pilot, Tomas, was so friendly and personable. It felt like I was flying with a friend! I wore a headset during our trip to Boca Grande and was in constant communication with Tomas, who made sure to point out many incredible sights. It was such a scenic journey: from our seaplane you see spectacular views that you would never see traveling by boat or car. I had so much fun flying, and the time went by quickly. The overall experience of flying on a seaplane is different than on a regular plane. That’s because you feel so much more connected to your environment. The aircraft flies lower in the atmosphere than a regular airplane so you can actually see everything below. And the landing was awesome! It was very easy, smooth and we entered Boca Grande with a splash! From there we continued our adventures and had a great time. I can’t wait till the next time I fly with Salt Island Seaplanes!”—Samana, a first time flyer

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