Travel Costs To Key West: Flying Vs. Driving

Travel Costs To Key West: Flying Vs. Driving

When you set foot onto Key West, you’re officially on Island Time, a way to quantify the slow-paced living that lets you enjoy the world passing by.

The time to get there, however, is a different story.

Getting To Key West From Naples

There are several ways to get into Key West, but the two most popular are driving via U.S. 1 and flying via seaplane charter. Both ways have their charms, but many people opt to drive simply thinking it’s more affordable. However, when you add up both the hard costs and intangible costs in terms of time and experience, you might be surprised at which method comes out ahead.

Here are some pros and cons of driving versus flying from Naples to Key West.


A drive to Key West via U.S. 1 is almost as much about the journey as the destination; and one part of the journey will almost always be traffic. The 110 mile long road from Miami to Key West is heavily patrolled, filled with tolls, and prone to traffic jams – in fact, one single accident can close down traffic both ways for hours at a time. Although the scenery is beautiful, a snag in traffic can make the drive less enjoyable.

With a flight from Naples to Key West, the only traffic you’ll have to deal with is that between your home and the Naples Municipal Airport.


When you drive to Key West, you’ll spend hours – almost 5, one way – in an air-conditioned car, watching the same blue ocean and emerald fauna whiz by at 45 miles per hour. Time on the road takes away from time enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Key West. Although traffic may be bearable, gas cheap, and rental cars discounted, money can’t replace the time it takes to drive the long route to Key West.

A seaplane flight from Naples to Key West takes about an hour, and in addition to a 30 minute wait to check in for your flight, you will still arrive in a third less time than driving from Florida’s mainland.


Many people believe driving is cheaper than flying from Naples to Key West, but fail to account for all the costs associated with driving. There’s the car rental expense if applicable; gas, which can quickly add up, especially if you run into a bad traffic jam; and most importantly, parking. Parking on the island can cost upwards of $2 per hour or $13 per day in the municipal lots; more for private parking and during events.

A flight from Naples to Key West via Salt Island Seaplanes costs just $440 round trip per person – about the same cost as a commercial flight. When you take into account the experience of flying over the Keys and personalized service of the captain, coupled with the hassle-free departure and arrival processes that put you on the island in under two hours, it’s easy to see how flying comes out ahead if you’re looking at more than just the bottom dollar.

Experience more of Key West Island Time and less time on the road. Book your air travel to Key West with Salt Island Seaplanes, and get a taste of luxury before you set foot on the island. Contact us at (239) 263-SALT (7258) to learn more or schedule your Naples to Key West flight today!

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